Sewer inspections in old homes

If you are a first time home buyer, especially if it is an old home, you should definitely consider inspection of the sewer system. Though, it is an important part of the home buying process, most buyers tend to skip the process. It is a thought which doesn’t easily come in mind, though it is one of those important inspections which a buyer should consider when considering buying a new home.

It is important to check the sewer system, to understand if it is faulty and if it needs to be replaced. This should be before you choose to purchase a home and not once you have bought the property because it will be quite late by then.

Why you should inspect the sewer line?

Tree roots often get into sewer lines and cause havoc. These roots, though they appear to be harmless can actually get into the small openings. These then expand in the sewer line. They latch on different debris. This causes backups or clogs. If chemicals are used, they are at times kill these roots but they tend to appear once again. If the roots are not removed permanently, they can cause immense damage to the plumbing system. There is a need to excavate these tree roots and remove them permanently so that the problem is fixed.

How can this be achieved? This can be done only when there is good inspection of the plumbing system. With camera inspection, it is possible to find out clogs in the pipes. Once the source or the reason of the clog is found, plumbers can devise ways to remove the clog. Thus, regular inspection of the sewer lines is of utmost importance.

Such a problem is especially prevalent in old homes where the sewer system was not much developed.

How is inspection done?

If it is an old property and you are worried about the sewer lines, you need to call the plumbing system. You can ask the plumber to carry out an inspection of the sewer system. Usually a video camera is inserted and the camera moves like a snake through this sewer. It is possible to see the image, which the camera captures. Once you see the image, you will be able to understand the underlying problem and how it can be solved.

Such an inspection is important because it will help in prevention of future clogs and backups. The health of the system is ensured.

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