Fixing bathtub leaks


Bathtub leakages are usually of two kinds – one leakage is due to dripping faucets and the other is often due to a plumber problem which is still undetected. No matter what the reason is, the problem is that there is huge water wastage and there is damage to your plumbing system. You might also face problems of water damage on the ceiling area or it might lie just below the bathtub. You need to first find the source of the leakage and then repair it.

Bathtub leakage problems might appear to be simple, but if these are not repaired on time, the damage might spread and you will end up spending a lot of additional money.

Dripping Faucet Problem:

Faucets are considered to be easy to fix. Usually pressurized water reaches our homes. The faucet turns itself off with the help of a watertight seal. This is quite strong and helps in counteracting the high water pressure. This is accomplished by a washer and seat. If you notice that the faucet of bathtub is dripping, it might be due to problems in this washer and seat. If these are replaced, you will be able to solve the problem.

You can fix this problem yourself but you will need the skills along with the right tool like the seating wrench. It is recommended to call professionals, who have all the expertise and skills to do the job. Your hired plumber will reach your premises with all the tools and also parts. The problem shall be fixed in a short time.

Bathtub Leakage Repair:

If there is no problem with your faucet, the leak might be somewhere else. There might be a leaking pipe or even a damaged shower which needs to be fixed. If there is a leakage in the bathtub, you should be able to find it soon because of stains in the adjoining area. Your plumber will be able to inspect the problem and find the cause.

It is important that you understand that there is leakage in the bathtub so that you can actually solve the problem. One common sign of water leakage is staining on the ceiling which is just below the tub. If the leakage is detected on time, you will not face much problem and your expenses too will be controlled. The trick is to detect plumbing problems quickly so that you save your money as well as property damage.

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