Sewer inspections in old homes

If you are a first time home buyer, especially if it is an old home, you should definitely consider inspection of the sewer system. Though, it is an important part of the home buying process, most buyers tend to skip the process. It is a thought which doesn’t easily come in mind, though it is one of those important inspections which a buyer should consider when considering buying a new home.

It is important to check the sewer system, to understand if it is faulty and if it needs to be replaced. This should be before you choose to purchase a home and not once you have bought the property because it will be quite late by then.

Why you should inspect the sewer line?

Tree roots often get into sewer lines and cause havoc. These roots, though they appear to be harmless can actually get into the small openings. These then expand in the sewer line. They latch on different debris. This causes backups or clogs. If chemicals are used, they are at times kill these roots but they tend to appear once again. If the roots are not removed permanently, they can cause immense damage to the plumbing system. There is a need to excavate these tree roots and remove them permanently so that the problem is fixed.

How can this be achieved? This can be done only when there is good inspection of the plumbing system. With camera inspection, it is possible to find out clogs in the pipes. Once the source or the reason of the clog is found, plumbers can devise ways to remove the clog. Thus, regular inspection of the sewer lines is of utmost importance.

Such a problem is especially prevalent in old homes where the sewer system was not much developed.

How is inspection done?

If it is an old property and you are worried about the sewer lines, you need to call the plumbing system. You can ask the plumber to carry out an inspection of the sewer system. Usually a video camera is inserted and the camera moves like a snake through this sewer. It is possible to see the image, which the camera captures. Once you see the image, you will be able to understand the underlying problem and how it can be solved.

Such an inspection is important because it will help in prevention of future clogs and backups. The health of the system is ensured.

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Importance of having a good plumbing system

We know that our home or commercial establishment needs to have a good plumbing system, but do we actually realize the need for such an effective plumbing system? Many homeowners do not realize that they need to make a regular investment in their plumbing system in the form of regular maintenance, repairs and if needed replacement. Thus, having a highly functional plumbing system is of crucial importance.

The importance of having a good plumbing system can never be denied. Here are some reasons why having a good plumbing system should never be denied.

Plumbing is about harnessing the precious water resource. It needs to be used safely for the general well-being, hygiene and health. If the plumbing system is in good condition, you can enjoy the convenience of clean and health.

As you select modern or an updated plumbing system, you will be able to gain unmatched water efficiency. This can be in the form of reduced water wastage in different plumbing products such as in faucets, shower heads and even toilets.

Plumbing helps in bringing beauty and comfort to our home and also lives. Plumbing systems in the bathroom and kitchen serve a good functional purpose. They offer refuge of soothing baths, comfortable meals and also great restorative relaxation.

If your plumbing system is well maintained and highly functional, you will not face problems of sudden emergencies or plumbing breakdowns which are quite a nightmare. Plumbing emergencies occur when there is a sudden damage to the system and you need help immediately. If your plumbing system is in good condition, you do not have to face unusual problems and anxiety.

Plumbing emergencies can be an expensive affair, because most emergency plumbers seek higher rates, when they visit your premises at odd hours. Thus, if your plumbing system is in good condition, you need not worry about how to manage your budget for sudden emergencies.


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Looking for a plumber?

Are you in need of a plumber? Plumbers are undisputed doctors of our water supply and drainage system. Hiring a plumber is not an easy job. Though professional plumbers are highly skilled and experienced, even hiring a professional plumber is not an easy job. Unless you can hire a very efficient and specialized plumber, all your money will go in vein. This article will give you a few tips before hiring a plumber.


When We Need a Plumber :


There are some plumbing problems which are impossible to tackle of your own. Suppose the faucet is dripping continuously, clogged bathtub, clogged sink, frozen or burst pipes, etc. are few common plumbing problems for which you need to call a plumber. But, before calling a plumber check the quality of a plumber. This article will give you a few tips on hiring a plumber.


Hire Plumber from a reputed Company:


Always hire a plumber from a reputed company or if you want to hire an independent plumber, check his reputation. A skilled and well-experienced plumber can easily solve your problem without doing damage to your floor, wall and other parts of your home.


Check the License:


Do not forget to check their work license especially when they have to carry out gas or heating work. Their license ensures that they are legitimate and can safely carry out the job.


Opt for Those 24 Hour Service-Giver Companies:


While choosing the professional plumber keep one thing in mind that they give you 24 hours service. What will happen if your pipe burst at mid night? Should you wait till the morning when plumbing companies start their work? Plumbing company and plumbers who give 24 hours service has no problem to appear your home whenever you call them.


Go for Big Plumbing Company:


Try to call plumbers from a big company so that, you will not face crisis of plumbers. Sometimes small plumbing companies suffer from shortage of efficient plumbers.


Choose well-equipped Plumbers:


Check that plumbers are well equipped. There are various modern equipment and tools available in the market for doing plumbing related job. This equipment helps to perform the job neatly and perfectly. Also check that your plumbing technicians can skillfully use that equipment.


Be Sure That Your Plumbers are Experienced Enough:


See that the plumber has a long experience and has a good record of service. An experienced plumber can detect the problem quickly while non-experienced may take long time. Moreover, an experienced eye can also detect the hidden problem which you are going to face in near future.


Take an Estimate Before the Work Started:

While hiring a plumber, cost is an important factor. Before the plumbing work get started see that the plumber gives you the right estimate so that you will remain prepared financially. Otherwise, a large bill at the end of the work is really frustrating.


Check the Insurance of Your Plumber:

Check whether the plumber has the insurance. Insurance will both protect you and plumber in case of accident while performing the job.


Keep all these factors in mind before selecting a plumber for your house.

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Fixing bathtub leaks


Bathtub leakages are usually of two kinds – one leakage is due to dripping faucets and the other is often due to a plumber problem which is still undetected. No matter what the reason is, the problem is that there is huge water wastage and there is damage to your plumbing system. You might also face problems of water damage on the ceiling area or it might lie just below the bathtub. You need to first find the source of the leakage and then repair it.

Bathtub leakage problems might appear to be simple, but if these are not repaired on time, the damage might spread and you will end up spending a lot of additional money.

Dripping Faucet Problem:

Faucets are considered to be easy to fix. Usually pressurized water reaches our homes. The faucet turns itself off with the help of a watertight seal. This is quite strong and helps in counteracting the high water pressure. This is accomplished by a washer and seat. If you notice that the faucet of bathtub is dripping, it might be due to problems in this washer and seat. If these are replaced, you will be able to solve the problem.

You can fix this problem yourself but you will need the skills along with the right tool like the seating wrench. It is recommended to call professionals, who have all the expertise and skills to do the job. Your hired plumber will reach your premises with all the tools and also parts. The problem shall be fixed in a short time.

Bathtub Leakage Repair:

If there is no problem with your faucet, the leak might be somewhere else. There might be a leaking pipe or even a damaged shower which needs to be fixed. If there is a leakage in the bathtub, you should be able to find it soon because of stains in the adjoining area. Your plumber will be able to inspect the problem and find the cause.

It is important that you understand that there is leakage in the bathtub so that you can actually solve the problem. One common sign of water leakage is staining on the ceiling which is just below the tub. If the leakage is detected on time, you will not face much problem and your expenses too will be controlled. The trick is to detect plumbing problems quickly so that you save your money as well as property damage.

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